Feb 25 2016

Hello from Taiwan

Hello from Taiwan!  I have been thinking a lot about adventure(s) lately.  When I was younger, an adventure was something strenuous and thrilling, someplace far away and exotic, requiring courage, fortitude, strength and daring.  Like climbing Mt Everest, trekking across Antarctica, a camel caravan across the desert. Well, I never did any of that, and “adventure” has changed for me.  Now, I think it is anytime you place yourself outside your norm, whatever that encompasses.

So, what is it for me?  It’s living in a city, not driving at all (lots of walking, buses and metro), not cooking, still doing laundry L, and the BIG one, FOOD.   Gary and I eat breakfast in our rooms (still gotta have oatmeal or muesli and coffee), but lunch and dinner are at restaurants or take-out.  I don’t think anyone cooks, as the literally hundreds of restaurants in our small neighborhood are always bustling.  So, we pick a place that has lots of diners, look at a menu, often only in Chinese, with a server who doesn’t speak English and our Chinese is questionable.  Gary learning Chinese at night is hilarious- I swear he has a German accent!  We whip out Goggle Translate on our phones.  Awesome app!  So, I have eaten “Spring bean stew pig praise”, “Potato casserole Tianjin white shirt child row”, “sesame oil Botifarra meters hemp”, “Larry Black and white double-intestinal bowel double” (OK, didn’t try that…), “When the rag B4 garlic sirloin roast fish, tofu pot” and “mud cooked pumpkin roast pork”, to list just a few!  We have had spectacular food, sometimes not exactly sure what we are eating—is that tofu or chicken???

I love the hot pot restaurants.  Big pot in the middle of the table, with 2 kinds of homemade broth simmering, you go to the back and pick whatever you want to cook in the broth—multiple varieties of mushrooms, lettuces, cabbage, other greens, pigeon eggs(!), green beans, broccoli, winter squash, green onions, shrimp, soft shell crab, sea bass, scallops, oysters, lobster balls, fish balls, dumplings, noodles, different kinds pork, beef, lamb and chicken, to list just a few!  Then, of course dessert!  Tons of fruit and 15+ flavors of Hagen Das.  They limit how long you can stay to 2 hours!  I really don’t see how everyone is so thin!

And the street food!  Whew, steamed buns with pork, cabbage or leek, grilled calamari, “hot dog” in a steamed bun with garlic and sauce, batter fritters with custard……… YUM!

Here are a few photo’s of our gastronomic adventure!  Next time, DOGS!

Korean BBQ- cook on table


Red Dragon Fruit


Bubble Tea with Fruit (too bad it’s about 900 calories!!) and steamed bun

bubble tea

Eating with chopsticks, one noodle at a time!


Street Café with plastic sheeting for walls;   before…

street cafe

And after!


Dihua Night market food stall


Miss you all!




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