Mar 17 2016

Adventures in Taiwan

Hello! March is here and with it comes sunshine! Taiwan had more rain in January than it had in the last 50 years! Also the coldest it had been in 50 years! But now we have sun and the promise of many more days of it and warmer temperatures!

I have been having fun watching all the dogs. Pets are clearly beloved and very pampered. In one restaurant Gary and I frequent, the sofa for waiting is most frequently occupied by an aged golden. He is very sweet, always ready with a wag and a head nudge from more attention. Since he has a blanket on the sofa, and his water bowls next to it, it’s clear who the owner is!

I have also seen many little guys riding on scooters with their owner. They sit down by the feet, poke their head out and enjoy the breeze, just like the dogs that stick their head out the window of a car. I’m not sure how they train them not to jump off, but they are not attached in any way. I don’t recommend you try it at home!

dog and scooter

Ready to Ride! Don’t try this yourself!

corgi1 corgi2

Happy corgi, named Meigau. He was dressed to the nines! Ready for photos!

vet clinic taipei

Veterinary clinic – Companion Animal Clinic, Taipei Branch

Gary and I also went to the Pingxi Lantern Festival for the Lunar New Year, on February 22. It involved taking a train, then catching a bus into the mountains southeast of Taipei. Pingxi is a little town, and the last place in Taiwan where it is still allowed to release lanterns into the sky on the Lunar New Year. You purchase a lantern, write your hopes and wishes for the new year, light the treated paper inside, allow the heated air to fill the lantern, then you let it go into the sky and watch as ascends towards the mountains. Eventually it either burns up or falls to the earth. It was quite moving and at night they release hundreds of lanterns at once. It was very beautiful.


Gary released our own lantern, with our hopes and joys, into the auspicious skies of the Lunar New Year!


Pingxi Old Street, day during the festival. Many people flocking to this famous town to release lanterns.


Beautiful night time release of thousands of lanterns into the night. They were released in sets of three and quite spectacular!

fish tank

Finally, a really cool fish tank, at the flower market.  What do you think, Della! (fish are at the bottom, little orange nemo’s; plants are live)

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