Canine Preventive Medicine

Our preventive health care services follow the life of your pet, from puppy wellness exams to senior pet health screens.

Vaccinations, yearly testing for heartworm and tick-borne diseases, regular parasite testing, deworming, and year-round preventatives for heartworm, fleas, and ticks are the key components of our complete preventive medicine program.

We follow the preventive healthcare guidelines set by AAHA and the AVMA to ensure the best care for your companion.

Buying Medication Online

Attention to owners who buy medication online: many online pharmacies are safe and can be convenient, but we at Companion Animal Clinic do not work directly with 1-800-PetMeds. We are willing to work with you by giving written prescriptions to those who would like to buy through Petmeds, but we do not recommend this pharmacy.

The reasons are:

  • PetMeds has a number of lawsuits pending
  • Medications are often used where concentrations of active ingredients are not the same as in the USA, and are not FDA approved for use in the US
  • PetMeds will attempt to fill prescriptions that have no doctor authorization or have never before been prescribed (by us) to the patient

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