Dr. Matt McCormick

Dr. Matt McCormick graduated from VMRCVM in 1988 and joined CAC in 1989. He loves all little, helpless creatures – nursing kittens and rodents – with a gentle dedication. He loves to meet new people, and knows enough trivia to win “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

He has an strong interest in exotics, especially small mammals and reptiles. His favorite creatures to work with are cats, bunnies and rats (yes, rats are really cool!). He would love to own his own cheetah but has finally come to terms that this is unlikely to happen.

He loves to try new things, especially making gourmet desserts. He loves chocolate!!! He has a dog named Aladar, six cats, three fish, a Robo hamster named Sandy and several hives of honey bees. Dr. McCormick is a member of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians and past president of both Southwest Virginia Veterinary Medical Association and Mid-Atlantic Association of Avian Veterinarians. He has also been a guest lecturer on exotic animal medicine at VMRCVM, and acts as a mentor for veterinary students.

Matt and his wife Liz have one daughter who is growing up fast. She is a great helper with all sorts of critters that Matt brings home. Matt thinks his daughter is better than a puppy.

In what little spare time he has left he enjoys running, woodcarving and making wooden puzzles. His alternative career would be as a paleontologist and would love to time travel back to the Cretaceous Period to study dinosaurs in person.

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